The world is changing… And you? 
Inner leadership and creative cooperation are the essential bases of personal and professional Ecology.
Smart businesses rely primarily on the quality of life, growth, maturity and commitment of its employees. .

« Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. » C.G JUNG

Learn to see simultaneously from the two perspectives tells us about the path to follow and the mindset to adopt to move through the professional world with fluidity.

Allow everyone to access all their vital energy and full potential by creating a unique Space of self-awakening: The inner Dojo 
“The road is yourself, the walker is yourself, the result is yourself.” L. ANSA
  • We create professional development Spaces devoted to training in wellbeing and performance, based on a synthesis of the best practices to harmonize breathing , physical posture and mental attitude.
  • We provide new and inspiring Leadership programs, individual and collective, based on experimentation and understanding of the fundamental benefits of the philosophy of Aikido: “The way of harmonizing energies .”
  • We support the Company’s brightest: Talents , Managers and Executives in “Gathering the essential strengths to succeed “ by maintaining a sustainable creative FLOW.